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  • Public Procurement Service
    Certificate of Designing for an Excellent Company (G-PASS)
  • Korean National Policy Agency
    Deployment of radio system for security over 2nd upgrade process of Korean National Policy Agency's safety network. Handheld devices
    (smartphone-type devices & car kits)
  • Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd.
    System upgrade and back-up infrastructure of smart radio system performance
  • Seoul Metro
    Train radio system upgrade to LTE-R Seoul Metro Line No.3
    (Handheld device)
  • Korea Coast Guard
    Public safety network deployment project for Korea Coast Guard
  • Korea Air Force
    LTE device & commercial cryptosystem project for Korea Air Force
  • Korean National Policy Agency
    Registration of public safety device (VM65PS) to the national procurement system
  • Manufacturing facility in Siheung City
    Foundation of manufacturing facility in Siheung City
  • Certificate of Excellence in Tech Competency for design of LET-based video/voice radio device

  • Nordic Telecom
    PTT service project for MVNO, Czech communication company
  • Singaporean Government agency
    MCPTT service project for Singaporean Government agency
  • National Police Agency
    Supply of smartphone type radio device for public security
  • Korea Rail Network Authority
    LTE-R system for Gimpo Metro Goldline
  • Seoul Metro
    LTE-R project for extension of Seoul Metro Line No. 5
  • Ministry of Science and ICT
    Prime Minister’s Prize for SW Industrial Promotion Merit
  • Ministry of Interior and Safety
    Reinforcement of public safety network for PyeongChang Olympic Games
  • Korea Electric Power Corporation
    LTE Video/Voice radio system for Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Ramjeong Jeju Development
    SmartPTT service project for Jeju Shinhwa World Resort
  • Yonsei Severance Hospital
    Improvement of wired/wireless communication for Yonsei Severance Hospital
  • SKT
    SKT SmartPTT deployment project
  • ADT Caps
    Radio communication system between patrol agents and control office for ADT Caps
  • Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
    Wired/wireless integrated communication system for nuclear plants of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
  • Ministry of Interior and Safety
    Pilot public safety network project for Ministry of Interior and Safety
  • Busan Metro
    Radio communication system deployment project for Busan Metro Line No. 1
  • Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association
    Prime Minister’s prize at IR52 Jang Young-shil Award
  • global partners
    Export contract with global partners
  • Korea Quality Assurance
    Certificate of Quality Management System (by Korea Quality Assurance)
  • Ministry of Public Safety and Security
    Public safety network project - phase II for Ministry of Public Safety and Security
  • Samsung Electronics DS (semi-conductor) business
    Mobile PTT project for better response in Samsung Electronics DS (semi-conductor) business
  • Busan Metro
    LTE-based radio communication system for Busan Metro
  • Seoul Metro
    LTE-based PTT radio communication system deployment project for Seoul Metro
  • Korea Air Force via consortium with SKT
    Propriatery LTE-TDD radio communication system deployment for Korea Air Force via consortium with SKT
  • Korea Industrial Technology Association
    IR52 Jang Young-shil Award (Prime Minister of State Award)
  • Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
    Korea Software Awards Grand Prize
  • Korean Intellectual Property Office
    IP star company
  • Good Software
    GS (Good software) Certificate
  • Ministry off Science, ICT and Future Planning
    Government commissioned LTE-based public safety system project for Ministry off Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • Digital Chosun Ilbo
    Digital Chosun 2015 Rising Star
  • EveryTalk BM Series Handheld Device

  • Korea Railroad Research Institute
    LTE-R research project for Korea Railroad Research Institute
  • Supply & installation of VoIP solution for Panamanian bus system

  • Wibro-based IP-PTT solution for Korea Navy

  • IPT deployment for KDB Life Insurance

  • Patent registration of video PTT service

  • Technological verification for national public safety communication network by Ministry of Interior and Safety

  • Patent registration of IP-PTT service

  • WiBro-based IP-PTT base information communication system for Korea Air Force
    (IP-PTT server and devices for 13 airbases)

  • Winning project bidding for Korea Air Force EveryTalk Solution in collaboration with Samsung

  • Delivery of IP-PTT server to Korea Air Force

  • Development of EveryTalk, IP-PTT solution

  • Korea Industrial Technology Association
    Certificate of affiliated research institute
  • Delivery of billing system GateKeeper to National Court of Korea

  • Delivery of billing system to Samsung Networks business sites

  • Delivery of billing system to Samsung Electronics

  • Registration of patent for obtainment of information for VoIP system billing

  • Development and Supply of VoIP Billing System

  • Korea Technology Finance Corporation
    Blue-chip Technology Company
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Excellent venture company (selected by Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    INNO-BIZ (selected by Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Patent Application of BAPS VoIP
  • Foundation of Cybertel Bridge Corporation



Company Cybertel Bridge Co., Ltd.
CEO Backsan Nam


HQ :
(82) 02 · 6956 · 6330
Customer Support Center :
(82) 02 · 6956 · 7576
Factory :
(82) 070 · 8676 · 7770
Cybertel Bridge Germany :
(+49) 0710 · 783 · 7383
Fax (82) 02 · 6956 · 6377


HQ 9th floor, Hansin IT Tower, 272, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Factory 67, Maehwasandan 3-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Cybertel Bridge Germany Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 30-34 65760 Eschborn Germany